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Interpretive Signage

The MDC has developed 9 series of Interpretive Signs across Australia.

This very special project now features 34 informative and interesting marine environmental signs.

Topics covered include

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Human Impacts on our Coast
  • Marine life
  • Beachcombing discoveries
  • Dune Vegetation and Sand Movement
  • Coastal Birds
  • Local issues for your region

We are thrilled with the signs and have received many very positive comments. These projects have been a tremendous team effort involving our Artist-in-Residence, Alison Harvey, photographic designer, Ursula Quack-Weatherley, Senior Consultant, John Agnew and Director, Tim Hoile.

The Centre is available for further coastal interpretive signage project work, please contact Tim Hoile ph 08-8115 7402

Launch of the latest signs for Angourie December 2013

Angourie Interpretive Signage

Virtual Tour

virtual tourThe 11 km of our coastline west of Adelaide has a number of information signs ar various sites. Developed in conjunction with the City of Charles Sturt as part of an ongoing cummunity coast & marine education and awareness program.