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This blenny is unique to the temperate waters of Southern Australia, including the Great Australian Bight and Tasmania. It can often be seen near jetties, sometimes poking its head out from inside crevices, holes and even discarded bottles or cans. 

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Common around jetties and shallow reefs, the sharp spines on this fish are modified scales and radiate outwards when it is threatened and inflates its body; warning predators of its poisonous flesh.

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These are the largest and most commonly seen seahorses in Southern Australia, growing up to 35 cm long and use their tails to cling to seagrasses, sponges and seaweeds for protection.

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The colour of these yabby’s shells reflects their surroundings; as their body grows, they moult their shells and new shells will turn brown if living in muddy rivers, or blue if living in clearer waters. 

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Murray River Turtle.jpg
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These turtles are found throughout the Murray-Darling River system in larger rivers and lakes, but as pet owners set these popular pets free, they are also found in urban ponds and dams. 

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Purple spotted gudgeon.jpg
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Currently listed as critically endangered in South Australia, these freshwater fish were on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss and competition from introduced fish, however captive breeding programs have brought their numbers back. 

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These freshwater fish are native to the Northern Territory and Queensland and are also called Bedjal; the Yolngu word for rainbowfish from a swamp in the Northern Territory.

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salmon catfish
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These tropical freshwater fish have 'whiskers' on their face called barbels which are used to search for food in murky water, such as small fish, insects and aquatic plants.

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Photo 7-2-2023, 12 30 06 pm.jpg
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A species of temperate boxfish found  amongst seagrasses in the shallow waters of Southern Australia. They have a hard body covering which protects them from predators, made up of rows of triangular plates forming hexagonal patterns over their body.

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A fish with an eel-like body found in coastal reefs from the Philippines to the Solomon Islands. They undergo an incredible transformation. As they grow, their white stripes change to vertical yellow bars and spots along their body. 

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A tropical fish from coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region. The males will choose territories and guard up to 10 000 eggs from multiple females. They can also change sex as they grow and mature. 

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A small bottom dwelling fish normally found in muddy areas around estuaries, where the river meets the sea, and coastal lagoons. They are one of the larger and more colourful gobies, of which there over 1500 species worldwide. 

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Photo 9-2-2023, 12 52 11 pm.jpg
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A starfish found in the shallow waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans, including Northern Australia. Known also as the blue Linckia and the comet sea star, they are usually blue in colour but can also be found in shades of aqua, purple, and orange. 

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Photo 10-2-2023, 1 27 19 pm.jpg
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These are Dwarf Yellow Tip Hermit Crabs native to Vietnam. They like to live in warm coastal waters and mangrove forests. Some hermit crab species have been observed creating a 'vacancy chain' to exchange shells, with hermit crabs of a range of sizes lining up smallest to largest. 

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Photo 1-3-2023, 3 27 08 pm.png
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A little, transparent shrimp very commonly found in rock pools, seaweeds, seagrass meadows and rocky reefs along the Great Southern Reef. Whilst commonly found in seawater, they can also be found around the mouths of rivers. They play an important role in keeping some inshore fish species clean.

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