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This blenny is unique to the temperate waters of Southern Australia, including the Great Australian Bight and Tasmania. It can often be seen near jetties, sometimes poking its head out from inside crevices, holes and even discarded bottles or cans. 

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A tropical species from the Indo-Pacific region, these eels have a powerful bite and two sets of jaws used to catch prey such as crabs and shrimp in small, rocky crevices of their reef habitat. 

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Sometimes called the ‘puppy dogs of the ocean’, these beautiful sharks live on rocky coastlines around Southern Australia and hatch out of spiral shaped egg cases. 

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krefts frill goby2.jpg
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These gobies live in the sunlit seagrass beds of Eastern and Southern Australia. They are a bottom dwelling fish with frilled pectoral fins that help them to glide along the seafloor. 

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Common around jetties and shallow reefs, the sharp spines on this fish are modified scales and radiate outwards when it is threatened and inflates its body; warning predators of its poisonous flesh.

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These are the largest and most commonly seen seahorses in Southern Australia, growing up to 35 cm long and use their tails to cling to seagrasses, sponges and seaweeds for protection.

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The colour of these yabby’s shells reflects their surroundings; as their body grows, they moult their shells and new shells will turn brown if living in muddy rivers, or blue if living in clearer waters. 

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Murray River Turtle.jpg
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These turtles are found throughout the Murray-Darling River system in larger rivers and lakes, but as pet owners set these popular pets free, they are also found in urban ponds and dams. 

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Purple spotted gudgeon.jpg
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Currently listed as critically endangered in South Australia, these freshwater fish were on the verge of extinction due to habitat loss and competition from introduced fish, however captive breeding programs have brought their numbers back. 

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These freshwater fish are native to the Northern Territory and Queensland and are also called Bedjal; the Yolngu word for rainbowfish from a swamp in the Northern Territory.

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Southern Fidler Ray.jpg
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This Fiddler Ray has a beautiful mottled pattern to blend in with its surroundings. Rays are related to sharks and have a similar cartilage-based skeleton, and all of these animals have been around longer than dinosaurs.

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salmon catfish
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These tropical freshwater fish have 'whiskers' on their face called barbels which are used to search for food in murky water, such as small fish, insects and aquatic plants.

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peacock bass.jpg
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These are tropical freshwater fish found at the entrance to the Marine Discovery Centre. They are from a group of popular aquarium fish called Cichlids, which are predatory fish found in the rivers of South America.

You can choose the name of the Peacock Bass. 

snowflake eel.jpg
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These tropical eels are not found in Southern Australia, but are widespread throughout the Indo-Pacific region in rocky caves and coral reefs. They have poor eyesight but an excellent sense of smell, as well as beautiful patterns on their body.

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