Community Art Exhibition

A Story of the Motherfish

With the support of Inspiring South Australia through an Art/Science Grant, "A Story of the Motherfish" was an exhibition of recycled art created by the community, using plastic that might otherwise find their way into the ocean.

'A Story of the Motherfish" seeks to put the issue of microplastics into the context of the evolutionary history and adaptation of fish. It aims to both challenge us, and help us better understand the science.

With additional support from Heaps Good Productions, Adelaide Youth Theatre, City of Port Adelaide Enfield, Adopt A Spot Scheme, the Port Environment Centre, the palaeo team at Flinders University and the Black Diamond Gallery - Port Community Arts Centre, we all see this project as but another step in a process of sharing and understanding.

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The documentary

A walk through gallery of the artwork

produced by the South Australian community and curated by South Australian Artist Stephen Hayter.

Future Mother

A Turtle's tale