The tiny culprits behind our glowing seas

17 June 2024

Written by Alesha Brewer

We seem to hear about it once or twice a year – strange glowing stuff washing up on some of SA’s best-loved beaches. News teams race out to film kids and adults alike excitedly splashing around in water filled with what looks like the inside of a particularly vivid glowstick. But what exactly is this unusual phenomenon?

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An interview with Georgie & Jess and their pathway into marine biology

12 June 2024

Our resident marine scientists Georgie & Jess were asked about their pathway into marine biology.

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2024 SA Environment Awards

07 June 2024

The Marine Discovery Centre team were acknowledged at the 2024 South Australian Environment Awards.

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Aliens in Our Oceans

31 May 2024

By Isaac Duke

Imagine encountering an otherworldly creature, seemingly from a distant galaxy, right here on Earth. This scenario may not be as far-fetched as it sounds when we consider the incredible cephalopods

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The Fascinating Underwater World at the Marine Discovery Centre

02 May 2024

Written by the point of view of a University of Adelaide Intern

The Marine Discovery Centre, located at Henley Beach SA, provides marine and coastal learning experiences and activities, by direct contact, encouraging children and adults to discover and appreciate the marine life and the importance of its conservation and protection.

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New MDC Beachcombing ID charts

09 April 2024
Have you seen our new Beachcombing identification charts?
Now available to download
Save to your device today and go beachcombing at your local beach today. Let us know if you find something interesting, or upload your find to
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The Nitrogen Cycle: an important part of keeping our critters happy and healthy

02 April 2024

Here at the Marine Discovery Centre, we’re lucky to host a number of aquatic animals from our freshwater rivers as well as from the wilds of the Great Southern Reef (like Porci, our favourite little mascot!)

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John Schutz - MDC's new patron

22 December 2023
The Marine Discovery Centre is heading into 2024 backed by brilliant minds. We are thrilled to introduce our newest Patron, John Schutz.
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2023 Year in Review

20 December 2023
Thank you to our valued community and supporters who have made 2023 a record-breaking year for the Marine Discovery Centre.
Our year in review...
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Dr Zoe Doubleday - MDC's new Patron

14 November 2023
The Marine Discovery Centre is delighted to announce Dr Zoe Doubleday as our new Patron. Zoe is passionate about connecting people to nature and now joins Chris Daniels and Karl Telfer as Patrons of the Marine Discovery Centre.
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