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John Schutz - MDC's new patron

22 December 2023
The Marine Discovery Centre is heading into 2024 backed by brilliant minds. We are thrilled to introduce our newest Patron, John Schutz.
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2023 Year in Review

20 December 2023
Thank you to our valued community and supporters who have made 2023 a record-breaking year for the Marine Discovery Centre.
Our year in review...
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Dr Zoe Doubleday - MDC's new Patron

14 November 2023
The Marine Discovery Centre is delighted to announce Dr Zoe Doubleday as our new Patron. Zoe is passionate about connecting people to nature and now joins Chris Daniels and Karl Telfer as Patrons of the Marine Discovery Centre.
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Reimagining the Marine Discovery Centre

24 February 2023

On Thursday 23 February 2023 the MDC welcomed invited guests to the ‘Reimagining the Marine Discovery Centre’ event. In 41 degree heat we thank the 100 guests who came to see the upgraded centre.

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MDC secures $95,299 grant from Green Adelaide

21 January 2021

The Marine Discovery Centre is honoured to announce we are the recipient of the Green AdelaideGrassroots grant for the amount of $95,299.00.

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Welcome to the family little blenny

20 November 2020

We have welcomed our new fish, a Tasmainian Horned Blenny, to the Marine Discovery Centre

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Babies at the Marine Discovery Centre

16 November 2020

Our dads at the Marine Discovery Centre have been very busy. We were lucky enough to welcome both Pot-Bellied Seahorse babies and Purple-Spotted Gudgeon eggs to the creature family this week. 

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The Deep Blue Treasure Hunt – Educational fun for the whole family whilst protecting our marine environments

30 July 2020

Treasure hunting is back in style, with the launch of a family-friendly, marine-based web app, The Deep Blue Treasure Hunt on 8 August 2020.

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New MDC Marine Creatures - Frayed Fin Goby

03 July 2020

Our newest additions to the Marine Discovery Centre creature family are two Frayed Fin Gobies. These fish are bottom dwellers and can be found in seagrass beds and shallow sunlit waters of eastern and southern Australia. 

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The After School Marine Science Club is back on

25 June 2020

The Kids Marine Scientist Club is a weekly drop-off club for primary school children aged 7 to 13 years. The Kids Marine Scientist Club encourages independence and self-growth and allows the students to discover a love and appreciation for the marine world around us.  The team at the Marine Discovery Centre will provide both indoor and outdoor setting for children to engage in interactive learning experiences, while empowering them to actively protect South Australia’s iconic coastal and marine environments.

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