Shark Tourism: Shedding the Stigma The pros and cons of shark tourism

27 September 2023

Is there any better way to spend a hot summers day than floating on your back in the cooling waters of the ocean, being gently rocked by the waves? Enjoying the sea breeze amongst the distant echo of children’s laughter as they play and build sandcastles on the beach. As you breathe in the freshness of the salty ocean air and relax to the soothing rhythm of crashing waves, suddenly a piercing scream jolts you out of your trance, followed by a shout, just one word, “Shark!”  

Article by Mary Gordon

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Why give a rat’s about recycling? And a guide to getting it right…

26 September 2023

Article by Mary Gordan

The 21st century has seen increasing pressure to tackle environmental issues that have been exacerbated by climate change, and the increased resource exploitation and pollution that comes with a growing world population. 

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Mysterious loss and recent reintroduction of the Great Southern Reef’s keystone species- the native oyster

24 September 2023

Article by Mary Gordon

This is the story of how the ignorance and needs of mankind drove an essential ecosystem engineer of the Great Southern Reef to near extinction, and how generations of people forgot they even existed in the first place. How can this be? And what are we doing to fix it?

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Microplastics: Minuscule but destructive to our oceans - By Madeline Pope

15 May 2023

Microplastics are one of the largest rising pollutants of the 21st century as due to their increasing presence in water bodies such as, lakes oceans and seas is growing leading to health risks of marine environments and aquatic organisms.

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The world is your oyster - by Chelsea Foubister

13 October 2022

You may like to pair oysters with a nice glass of champagne or with lemon and tabasco, but have you ever thought about their mysterious lives beneath the sea? There is a reason South Australia is famous for their oysters and not just the ones that end up on your plate at a fine dining restaurant. Oysters are in fact ecological superheroes and form a vital part of our Great Southern Reef here in southern Australia.

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The effect of tourism on iconic species of the Fleurieu Peninsula

07 June 2022

In 2018 tourism on the Fleurieu Peninsula contributed $493 million in visitor expenditure with 771 000 overnight visitors per year, 78 % of which being from South Australia (18% interstate, 4% international). The Fleurieu Peninsula encompasses 4 national parks including Granite Island Recreation Park, Encounter Marine Park, Onkaparinga River national Park/ Recreation Park and Deep Creek Conservation Park. 

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The wonders of Port Noarlunga Reef

30 September 2021

When thinking about going snorkelling in Australia, the first location that usually comes to mind is the Great Barrier Reef, but did you know that right here in South Australia, just out of Adelaide, we have our own reef teaming with fish and other marine life, known as the Port Noarlunga Reef!

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After School Kids Marine Science Club

07 May 2021

Every Thursday afternoon, the Marine Discovery Centre holds an after school Kid’s Marine Scientist Club for children who are aged between 7 and 13 and have a keen interest in marine science.

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Free Healing - by Rebecca Carey

30 April 2021

I’ve always had a fascination with water, particularly the ocean and I’m sure a lot of you have too. I’ve always seemed to be drawn to it as it gives me a sense of calm and often inspires me. Lately, I’ve started to question why.

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For the Love of Our Mangroves

12 February 2021

St Kilds's mangroves are a vitally important habitat for many creatures, but face a new threat.

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