Positive Shark Awareness

Watch episode 1: Positive Shark Awareness

There are over 400 types of sharks swimming in the world’s oceans, but they can look very different to each other. Check out what makes these two South Australian species similar and different, and then design your own shark to live in the Great Southern Reef!

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The Blue-Ringed Octopus

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Climate Change

Watch episode 3: Climate Change

We can help our sea creatures by reducing our environmental impact at home. This could include using less water and electricity, planting trees or your own food at home, composting and recycling, or going for a bike ride instead of a ride in the car. Draw yourself with Porci doing some of these climate positive activities 

Download the Climate Change Ocean Patroller activity sheet


South Australian Coastline and Great Southern Reef

Watch episode 4: South Australian Coastline

The South Australian coastline has a combined length of 4,204km, consisting of 3,273km of mainland coastline, 458km of coast on Kangaroo Island and a further 473km of coast spread across 106 islands. South Australian waters are rich and unique and part of the Great Southern Reef, where up to 90% of its species are endemic to the area.

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Size of Whales

Watch episode 5: The Size of Whales

Whales are huge, majestic creatures, and we mean huge. How do whale sizes compare?

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Australian Sea Lion

Watch episode 6: Australian Sea Lion

About 80% of sea lions in the entire world, live right here in South Australia. Most people confuse the seal lion with seals, and though they are pretty similar, they are not the same.


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Sustainable Fishing

Watch episode 7: Sustainable Fishing

We all have to do our part to stop over fishing, so all marine life can replenish. If you want to go fishing, always make sure to only catch what you need, don’t take fish that are too small or too young, and use the right bait, just check the rules for each fish in your area.

Can you help keep our oceans healthy with Fish Scramble?

It's easy to play, just unscramble the fish words and use the numbered letters to discover the secret phrase about responsible fishing.

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Answer sheet

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Water Wonders

Watch episode 8: Water Wonders

Get ready to be amazed by mind-blowing facts about water! Did you know that only a tiny fraction of Earth's water is fresh and available for us to use? Or that South Australia is the driest state on the driest inhabited continent?

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How to Save Water

Watch episode 9: How to save water

Did you know that every drop counts? By following simple tips, like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and using collected water for plants, you'll become a water-savvy expert in no time!

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Poo Patrol

Watch episode 10: Poo Patrol

In this super special episode, I'm diving into the fascinating world of poo in the loo, a watery adventure that's as important as it is icky!! I'll reveal the fascinating journey of water from our homes to the sea and uncover the vital role we play in keeping our oceans clean and healthy. 

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What's in a name? A meeting on Sea Country. An introduction to Kaurna language

Watch: What's in a name? A meeting on Sea Country. An introduction to Kaurna Language

Do you know the "Kaurna" word for “shark egg” "pufferfish" or "crab"? Watch this meeting on Sea Country between two people from different cultures, a journey to understand the different ways we can know things. 

Download the lyrics to What's in a name? Can you sing along?

Download a selection of Kaurna words

Porci's Ocean Pledge

I invite you to become a Porci's Ocean Patroller too. Protect our wonderful sea creatures and their homes, by taking your very own Porci's Ocean Pledge. Download your special certificate to keep.

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Porci's Ocean Pledge