Our Mission

Inspiring students through interactive learning experiences, encouraging positive action, and promoting ecological sustainability through learning, Aboriginal Culture and partnerships.

Our Vision

Providing the most inspirational discovery learning experiences whilst empowering students to actively protect South Australia's iconic coastal and marine environments.


An interview with Georgie & Jess and their pathway into marine biology

Our resident marine scientists Georgie & Jess are aked about their pathway into  ... READ MORE

2024 SA Environment Awards

The Marine Discovery Centre team were acknowledged at the 2024 South Australian Environment Awards.


Inspire - Educate - Showcase


Marine Observational Illustration Workshop - Giant Cuttlefish

12.07.2024, 10am, Marine Discovery Centre - Henley Beach

Unlock your observational skills with innovative techniques pioneered by self-taught illustrator and observational  ...

School Holiday program with shell art at the Marine Discovery Centre

18.07.2024, 10am, Marine Discovery Centre - Henley Beach

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The Marine Discovery Centre encompasses a multitude of interactive activities appropriate for a wide range of ages. In addition to a full time Marine Scientist and Cultural Educator, our volunteers are a wealth of knowledge and come from a wide variety of backgrounds including teaching, marine science, and environmental science just to name a few.

We want to make a difference in educating the young minds of today, so we have developed several interactive models that create a truly captivating, memorable and educational experience for all.


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Henley Beach South Australia 5022

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333 Military Road, Henley Beach SA 5022

Phone: (08) 8115 7402