Get Involved

The Marine Discovery Centre is devoted to the preservation of our coastal environment. By educating students from an early age using engaging and discovery-focused experiences, we are committed to the protection of our coastal areas for many years to come. But we need your help.

There are a number of ways you can get involved such as volunteering, adopting a creature, becoming a member, or partnering with the Marine Discovery Centre.

Together we can achieve positive change.

Adopt a Creature

Why not adopt one of your own marine creatures? We'll send you an information kit about your creature and you'll be helping us to improve our educational activities.

Our Adopt a Creature program gives you the opportunity to receive updated information and provides the Marine Discovery Centre with financial support. For your commitment you receive:

  • A personalised photograph and certificate of your creature
  • Signage within the Marine Discovery Centre with the chosen adopted name of your creature
  • A marine storybook featuring South Australian marine creatures
  • The opportunity to get up close and personal with your adopted creature and feed it

By adopting a marine creature, you are helping the Marine Discovery Centre to:

  • Look after the marine creatures with quality care including food, cooling, lighting and filtration of the aquariums
  • Educating school groups and the community about South Australia's marine environment
  • Provide opportunities for people to observe marine life

Marine Discovery Centre Membership

Members receive:

  • A personalised certificate
  • A personal Supporters card - entitles 10% discount on any MDC Resource
  • A quarterly "Discovery News" Newsletter - electronically - to reduce emissions
  • A marine storybook
  • An Invitation to our "End of Year Celebration"
  • An Invitation to all Special Events