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Meet Porci
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Meet Porci

Ahoy my friends.

My name is Porci...yup, I'm a Porcupine Fish!

Welcome to my very own webpage for my show Porci's Ocean Patrol. With the help of my Ocean Patrollers, Georgie and Karno we'll discover all about the wonderful creatures that live in and around our incredible South Australian oceans, how to keep them healthy, and our Aboriginal coastal culture.

On these POP pages, you will find all of the resources, fun activities, and information about our Great Southern Reef, the wonderful sea creatures that call it home, and how we can all keep our oceans happy and healthy.

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You've got a friend in Porci

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About the Show

Porci's Ocean Patrol is a series of discoveries. Discover all about our wonderful creatures that live in and around our incredible South Australian oceans, how to keep them healthy, and our Aboriginal culture.

In each episode, Porci and his fellow Ocean Patrollers, Georgie, and Karno, aim to elevate the voices of kids with an interest in South Australian marine life and our Aboriginal cultural origins. Turning education into fun learning by showcasing local marine creatures, and coastal facts, and interacting with viewer games and quizzes.

POP will encourage kids' curiosity with viewer question segments and explain the answers in their language, and inspire positive action to protect the local marine environment, such as joining a local dune replanting group.

Kids can then feel informed and empowered to strengthen their awareness, knowledge, skills, and engagement to promote local marine environmental sustainability among their friends, family, and community.

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About the Show
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The POP Cast

Porci Kids TV Show Host

Porci is a young porcupine fish who lives in South Australia's Marine Discovery Centre. From a very young age, it was clear Porci had two very special talents. One was his unwavering curiosity to explore the vast and magnificent South Australian oceans around him. And the second talent is to create friendships with all creatures, both on land and in the sea. Porci hasn't always been the eloquent speaker he is today, but with practice and the support of his team at the Marine Discovery Centre, Porci has found his passion, to help kids understand his ocean friends, their homes, and ways everyone can live in harmony.

Georgie Marine Scientist

Georgie grew up in Adelaide and has always had an interest in the natural world. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology at the University of Adelaide. Georgie began volunteering at the Marine Discovery Centre in 2016, began full-time employment in 2019, and has since developed a love for teaching others about South Australia's unique and beautiful marine environment.

Karno Aboriginal Educator

Karno grew up in Aldinga and has always been intrigued by all forms of life, with a keen interest in all things marine, and has been part of the Marine Discovery Centre team since 2015. Karno is of Aboriginal background being both Kaurna and Narungga, the Kaurna Meyunna people are the traditional landowners of the Adelaide plains, and the Narungga people from the Yorke Peninsula. Karno shares his knowledge and teaches the traditional ways of living, geographical mapping, hunting techniques and the traditional language of the Kaurna Meyunna, as well as storytelling, singing and dancing. 

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The POP Creators

Carmen Bishop - Show Creator / Project Manager

Carmen manages the Marine Discovery Centre and has over 20 years of experience working across educational and non-profit organisations. With a passion to inform the next generation on their human footprint and impact on the environment, an interest ingrained since learning from her parent's recycling centre on the coast, Carmen has been championing with Kylie to get Porci to the big screen, by creating content for Porci's Ocean Patrol to educate the world how special South Australia's coastline and the Great Southern Reef is and how we need to do everything we can to protect it.


Kylie Claude - Show Creator / Director / Producer

Kylie is the animation creator of not only Porci, but also the founder of  Fastbreak Films - an independent film production and animation company. Kylie has produced three independent feature films for the North American market and a bunch of commercial short films and animations for brands and educational institutions. Kylie is passionate about producing great content with stories that matter, particularly environmental issues and the impact of climate change.

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