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    Set of 8 Educational Posters

    Size: 42cm high and 60cm wide

    1. River Torrens
    2. Dune Vegetation
    3. Sand Movement & Sand Drift Fencing
    4. Gulf St Vincent
    5. Beach Combing Detective
    6. Human Impact
    7. Seagrasses & Stormwater
    8. Coastal Birds


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    A wildlife documentary based on perhaps the most camouflaged of all ocean fish, the leafy sea dragon. Shot mostly in South Australia, the documentary reveals exclusive footage of the sea dragons in their natural habitat. Feeding, courting dances, breeding and reproduction, including footage of a male leafy sea dragon as he gives birth in the wild, are just some areas covered in this epic tale. Not much has been recorded about these mysterious creatures, but as the documentary evolves, more and more secrets are reavealed.

  • The amazing adventures of Gavin, a Leafy Seadragon.jpg

    This South Australian animated film tells of Gavin, a leafy seadragon who gets lost, goes on a journey of self-discovery, meets whales, a shark, nudibranchs, cuttlefish and a sealion. His voyage along the South Australian coastline finally leads him home.

    Directed and written by Jess Wallace ; producer, Judi Oehme ; animation director, Greg Holfeld ; animation by The People's Republic of Animation.

  • Welcome to Australia DVD.jpg

    Australia is an island continent with one of the most pristine and ecologically unique marine environments in the world, it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure its continued protection and preservation. Australia has adopted the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL). All ships in Australian waters must comply with the MARPOL regulations. The purpose of this DVD is to help you fulfil your responsibilities to the marine environment while in Australia's waters

  • the-emperor-s-kingdom-penguins-on-ice.jpg

    Roger Kirkwood spent a year living with the Emperor penguins on the Mawson Coast of Antarctica.

    Stunning photographs combine with fascinating facts to make this definitive account. The DVD is a great accompaniment to the book and allows children to get a sense of the challenges the penguins, and the scientists who study them, face.

  • Beach Walk.JPG

    These books are part of the Marine Discovery Centre storybook series. They have been developed through real-life experiences.

    Book size: 42cm high with 18 pages in each.

  • Seasnailfriends.JPG

    This book is part of the Marine Discovery Centre storybook series. It has been developed through real-life experiences.

    Book size: 42cm high and 30cm wide with 18 pages

  • Beachcombing.JPG

    These beachcombing posters are used for the Marine Discovery Centre Marine Trail but is also suitable for the Southern Temperate zone (Sydney to Perth).

    Double sided posters. Size 42cm x 30cm

  • soy sauce earrings.jpg

    Handmade soy sauce sushi fish earrings made by Marine Discovery Centre's, Marine Scientist - Georgie Kenning. Earrings come packaged in a homemade pouch.

  • IMG-1621.jpg

    Various styles and colours available, all recycled plastic bottle lids. Prices range from $8 to $16. Locally made by Cutie Petutie Crafts with 50% of purchase donated to the Marine Discovery Centre. Colour can be chosen on pick up or at the time of payment. 

  • IMG-1644.jpg

    We've put these pesky plastic fish to good use as a fashion accessory! Choose from blue or soy sauce fish - colour can be chosen on pick up or at time of payment. 

  • IMG-1645.jpg

    Handmade by our Marine Scientist - upcycled using soy sauce plastic fish. Comes with home made pouch. 

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