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    Handmade by our Marine Scientist - upcycled using soy sauce plastic fish. Comes with home made pouch. 

  • Poles-apart-life-at-the-ends-of-the-Earth-510x513.jpg

    Have you ever watched a movie where a penguin meets a polar bear? Dr. Mark Norman destroys this myth in this fascinating visual comparison between the North Pole and the South Pole. 

  • orca puppet.jpg

    This Killer Whale finger puppet can inspire imaginary play and ocean puppet shows!

    Product length: 15cm

  • turtle puppet.png

    This little reptile is ready for play time! Three fingers fit inside the turtle's head and front legs. 

    Product length: 15cm

  • ray puppet.jpg

    A friendly ray for ocean adventures! 

    Product length: 10cm

  • dolphin puppet.png

    A lovely dolphin with movable mouth that also produces a unique whistle sound when squeezed. 

    Product length: 48cm

  • Photo 29-3-2023, 9 39 28 am.jpg

    An A2 sized poster depicting a colourful alphabet of temperate marine creatures found in Southern Australian waters. Perfect for at home or in the classroom. Designed and created for the Marine Discovery Centre by Alison Harvey.

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